Dancing Line



Play music while driving through narrow mazes


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If you like games of skill, Dancing Line is a new option to keep you entertained for many hours as you try to get as far as possible showing you've got what it takes to instantly adjust your aim and precision on ever more complicated paths.

The gameplay is as simple as can be: one line starts moving forward nonstop and you have to guide it down the paths that open in front of you without crashing into anything. To do that you've got to tap the screen and you'll automatically change direction. As you advance through the level you have to collect the coins scattered around you, which on certain occasions can pose a proper challenge.

Complete the level bit by bit and make it to the control points from which you can start over in case you crash into something or fall into the void. Dancing Line gradually gets harder and harder until you're facing challenges that are nearly impossible to beat – navigate paths that unfold before you just seconds before you have to make a decision.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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